Locksmith guelph, ON

Locksmith Guelph

Whatever your reason for wanting to rekey locks in Guelph, our locksmith company is here to help. Need emergency service? Want to take precautions before you move to a new house or office? Interested in converting some door locks to operate with the same key? Everything is related to our lock rekey service in Guelph, Ontario. And our team Rekey Locks Guelphis here to help.

Why call us to rekey locks in Guelph?

  • We provide lock rekey service as fast as possible
  • Locksmith Guelph can fix up your locks urgently too
  • The cost for the service is affordable
  • Our techs are licensed, respectful, reliable, and certified
  • We are all updated pros and ready to install master lock systems too
  • If you want to convert the existing locks to a master system, we can do that too
  • All vans are fully equipped for key change, lock rekeying, and much more

The importance of lock rekeying

What happens when we rekey locks is that the pins of the cylinder change. These small parts of the lock mechanism are configured in a certain way so that they will enable the matching key to go in and turn, thus opening or locking the door.

The problem arises when you move to a new place where you don’t know if previous tenants still possess the keys. Lock rekeying is also essential when the key is lost. In such cases, a potential burglar can use it to come in. For the avoidance of such problems, call us as soon as you discover the key is missing. We will rekey the locks as quickly as possible.

Contact us for master key system installation too

In case you want to operate many locks with the same key, give us a call. With a master key system, what you get is locks working with one key but also with their own keys. Such systems are very convenient for large buildings where access control, convenience, security, and key management are all important. We have the experience to install master lock systems but also convert the existing locks.

We are the company that can help when you only need key replacement, but will also change the key when it’s stolen. That’s the beauty of rekeying locks. Without spending much, you have a lock you can trust and a brand new key. And you can trust us too for our speedy response to rekey locks in Guelph. Contact us.